The bar at Avli is a place to gather for great conversations and delicious cocktails, designed by Krystian Hordejuk, and served by our incredible bartenders. 

Influenced by the ingredients found on the Cycladic Islands, our cocktail list features the Aegean Spritz, the Ne-Gro-Nai and the Kolonaki Cocktail to name just a few.




Our take on the classic Old Fashioned will transport you to the modern streets of  Kolonaki in Athens where chestnuts are roasted on braziers and the smell of freshly ground coffee lingers in the air. 

 metaxa 12 stars / roasted chestnuts / bitter sweet elixir / coffee tincture

 do it like otto

Otto was an 18 year old Bavarian prince who became the first king of Greece. He loved the Athenian people and culture, endearing himself by adopting the Greek national costume and changing his name to 'Othon'. So do it like Otto and enjoy this refreshing cocktail. 

otto’s vermouth / watermelon shrub / soda


In the Aegean, mornings don’t begin until you have had a freshly brewed coffee, a sesame and rye koulouri biscuit & smelled the ocean air.  We can’t promise a fresh start tomorrow, nor the Mediterranean breeze, but can guarantee some great memories in this enticing, stirred cocktail.

 rye whiskey / campari / arabica cordial


Our twist on the classic made the Greek way.

london dry gin / fennel seeds cordial / rose / 3 cents tonic water

 aegean spritz

Reminiscent of long afternoons spent lazing by the Aegean sea, our version of this classic spritz will make you wish you were there.

 skinos mastiha / mancino bianco / lavender / lemon / violet / bitters / soda water    

The Mediterranean

The fresh and subtle Greek flavours of this cocktail make it the perfect aperitif.

 london dry gin / cucumber shrub / oregano / saline solution       


In Greek ”Ne and Nai” mean "Yes”.  You won't be able to resist our take on the classic Negroni with hints of mandarin and liquorice spice.

london dry gin / mancino rosso amaranto / campari / cherry vissino 

 tears of chios 

Skinos Mastiha is a white Greek spirit made from the resin of the Mastic tree found on the island of Chios that has a floral pine aroma. The term ‘Tears of Chios’ was first coined by Hippocrates to describe the slowly flowing out tear-like drops of resin.

skinos mastiha / bacardi carta blanca / lemon oleo saccharum / fresh watermelon / bitters / soda water


Used in ancient Greece, the lyre is a stringed instrument that was often played while reciting poetry. You will be drawn into the early days of the Cycladic era,  while sipping on this delicious cocktail.

 prosecco / apricot / greek yoghurt mousse

avli sour

A distinct version of the classic Whisky Sour with a blend of figs and Greek amber spirit.

metaxa 12 stars / fig / lemon / egg white / bitters

apis remedy

Light and full of flavour with the healing properties of honey, this is a twist on the classic Bee’s Knees cocktail.

 london dry gin / pine honey tincture / lemon

 amigos de grecia

This is our homage to the Greek population which settled in Mexico. It is our twist on the ever famous Paloma drink.

 cilantro tequila / ginger / lime / bitters / 3 cents grapefruit soda  

 bloody chaos

Chaos, literally translated in Greek, means ‘gaping void’. It is believed to be the first thing to have existed in the universe. By combining roasted peppers with the heat of our homemade spicy mix, we have created a new version of the original Bloody Mary cocktail.

 roasted capsicum vodka / raspberry balsamic / house seasoning blend / tomato

the spartan cave

“With backs to the walls of a narrow cave, the mighty 300 stood tall and brave.”This cocktail will make you feel like one of the Spartan warriors that managed to defend against a massive Persian army in ancient Greece.

 homemade rakomelo / vodka / lemon / acacia honey / bitters/

homemade ginger beer